GORELUST "We Are The Undead" CD

GORELUST "We Are The Undead" CD
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    Quebec's DEATH METAL gods GORELUST are returning from the grave 20 years after the release of their worlwide-acclaimed debut REIGN OF LUNACY (Re-issued in 2013 by PRC MUSIC, released in 1995 on NEW WORLD SYMPHONY RECORDS by the current owner of PRC MUSIC!)... and you would think the band never actually disbanded and that new album is following the band's last year's debut! WE ARE THE UNDEAD is a masterpiece of old school DEATH METAL, True to the band's past... the voice is back, the stellar drumming is all over the place and the absolutely mesmerizing guitar work is up a few extra notches making this follow up a solid contender for 2015 pure DEATH METAL album of the year! WE ARE THE UNDEAD is a gigantic sounding tribute to the good old days of the Quebec metal scene GORELUST helped build alongside bands like GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY and KATAKLYSM. Mesmerizing from A to Z. A Must for every self-respected Death Metal fan!