LORD WIND "The Forest is My Kingdom" CD

LORD WIND "The Forest is My Kingdom" CD
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    Label: Warheart
    Nation: Poland
    Style: Folk / Pagan / European Traditional
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    EPIC Pagan Modern European Folk Music with excellent Female vocals!
    After many years of silence, Lord Wind again summons dormant ghosts ... In the ancient temples of forgotten Gods, once again, you will hear the melodies of your ancestors. Once again, Lord Wind's music will take you on a long journey, towards the roots. Between forest distances and streams ... into a world filled with magic and harmony of spheres. A new release from the band and the new album "The Forest is My Kingdom", is where for the first time you will hear completely different Lord Wind, music full of life recorded without using samples as it was on previous albums. Music played on ancient ethnic instruments, in a new line-up! For the first time, the celestial voices of the nymphs will fill Lord Wind's music with words full of spells and ancient wisdom. New, live music, full of light and breath of the forest. Energy and life enchanted in songs, a completely different face of folk music. Old Lord Wind songs in new acoustic versions and completely new compositions created by a new line-up. Songs are not only in Polish but also in other languages beginning with old Swedish, ending with English and Russian! The album "The Forest is My Kingdom" is the beginning of a new way of the band. It contains mostly brand new compositions. In a folk style but maneuvering somewhere between ethnic and ancient, medieval music. When recording the album, various folk and ancient instruments from Europe and the Middle East were used: rebek, hurdy-gurdy, santur, bendir or jouhikko. The beautiful voices of vocalists Olga and Kasia finally filled Lord Wind's music with a spoken word! Here is, the new Lord Wind - "The Forest is My Kingdom", the music of forest bards and ancient temples. Woven from the rays of the sun piercing through forest shadows ... An open gate to another world where magic is still saturated with the spirit and imagination of our ancestors.