FIMBULTYR "Niddikter" CD

FIMBULTYR "Niddikter" CD
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    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Viking Black Metal
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    The Swedish viking black metal band FIMBULTYR is back after their highly acclaimed debut album “Gryende Tidevarv”. After a few years of silence they released the single “Oförgätlig Erinran” in 2015 which was well received by both fans and metal magazines. Now the album “Niddikter” is finally ready to be unleashed! FIMBULTYR continues on their path of mixing heavy mid-tempo and fast black metal with majestic choruses. “Niddikter” is a heavy piece of norse metal! You will bang your head when they spread their Norse rage! Highly recommended for fans of viking black/death metal acts such as BATHORY, ENSLAVED, FALKENBACH, MOONSORROW, MÃ…NEGARM, THYRFING, AMON AMARTH etc…