PARASITE "Zankyo" Digi CD

PARASITE "Zankyo" Digi CD
    Code: TCRC005
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Thrashing Cult Records
    Nation: Japan
    Style: Heavy Metal / Crust Punk
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Alternate title “残響”. 
    Finally a full-length CD from Japan’s PARASITE! After a sold out 7” & 10” on Tadpole Records and then 7” EP and Split 7” on Holy Terror Records, the kings of G.I.S.M. worship are back! This time they have 8 tracks on the full-length CD, together with 3 bonus tracks taken from their unreleased 1st demo in 2009! For fans of G.I.S.M., Randy Uchida Group, G.A.T.E.S. and Döraid – If you like riffs, solos and Metal Punk this is a must for your collection. Comes with OBI and Japanese band info/graphics insert.