NECROMANTIA "To the Depths We Descend..." Digi CD

NECROMANTIA "To the Depths We Descend..." Digi CD
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    Label: The Circle Music
    Nation: Greece
    Style: Black Metal
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    Farewell album from the legendary Greek black metallers!
    The decision to stop the band was taken by The Magus following the death of Baron Blood in 2019.
    “This is our last testimony. Our last offering to the Lord of the Abyss. This is an album where the spirit and artistic creativity of our whole musical career is included in its music and lyrics. This is a tribute to my lost brother, Baron Blood and a gift to all the people supported the band all these years. It was made with honesty, dedication and the feverish passion of a band's last stand. I am confident that it will speak directly to your souls, filling them with the classic NECROMANTIA poison. The Erevos awaits us….farewell…until we meet again in different forms….” (The Magus, 2021)