KRVNA "Sempinfernus" Gatefold Digisleeve CD

KRVNA "Sempinfernus" Gatefold Digisleeve CD
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    Label: Seance Records
    Nation: Australia
    Style: Black Metal
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    KRVNA's debut full-length, ‘Sempinfernus’ is Immersive and magickal, redolent of the glorious past yet evincing a character that's timeless and transportative; ‘Sempinfernus’ is black metal mysticism at its very finest. The soundfield that maestro Krvna Vatra erects is sumptuous beyond compare – its hues of richest purple, its touch velvety as it swirls around one's spirit. His songwriting cruises and crests and cruises some more, its passages employed with expert care, each one seemingly reaching catharsis every step of the way. As such, KRVNA's iteration of idiomatic "vampyric black metal" is rooted more in intent rather than sticking to the proverbial letter; similarly, to qualify ‘Sempinfernus’ as "cosmic" would also miss the point. Simply put, KRVNA here creates black metal when it was BLACK METAL – past, present, future. All is cursed… Suitably grandiose, exceptionally otherworldly, dazzling and spire-like in its heights and seemingly fathomless in its depths, KRVNA's ‘Sempinfernus’ is sanguineous decadence writ large and a glorious triumph for Australia's ever-fertile black metal underground. Limited Edition – only 500 Copies!