STRIBORG "A Procession of Lost Souls" CD

STRIBORG "A Procession of Lost Souls" CD
    Code: RZD114
    Price: $9.99
    Label: Razed Soul Productions
    Nation: Australia
    Style: Black Metal / Ambient
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    Striborg and one-man black metal are synonymous and has influenced and shaped twenty years of prospective artists while continuing to evolve, experiment and reach into the deepest dark corners. On A Procession of Lost Souls, Sin-Nanna rewinds the clock a bit shedding some of the accessible development and drives into the heart of the black metal purist. This release is full of the classic reverbing lo-fi sound many came to associate with Striborg over the previous two decades. Ultimately, A Procession of Lost Souls sears itself as a pillar of the Striborg catalogue.