RITUAL COMBAT "Occultus Requiem" CD

RITUAL COMBAT "Occultus Requiem" CD
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    Quite simply some of the most violent and ripping black/death lunacy that has ever spawned upon this earth. Join these Warlords of death on their crusade of decimation and feel the wrath of the mighty!!!!!!!!!! This is the soundtrack to the end of the world. These sicko's spew forth some of the craziest black/death metal around. Vocalist/Bassist Psykho(who is also the best front beast around these parts of the world!) vomits his impure diatribes with the razors that he swallowed before the recording. Co-founder Rude's guitar execution adds perfect chaos to the whole atmoshephere of this classic release. Drummer Lord Doom is ALSO a total fucking beast with his war blasts from hell! This is REAL fucking black metal death noise with catchy notes to the madness that are infectious. Ritual Combat are one of the best bands around here right now and they will soon be growing their plague all over the world! ANY fan of true black metal death will love them!