VARIOUS ARTIST "North Sound Punx" Compilation CD

VARIOUS ARTIST "North Sound Punx" Compilation CD
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    Label: P.I.G. Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Rock / Metal / Punk / Hardcore
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       A valiant mastering effort went into leveling out the sound field for these 25 regional artists whom recorded over four different decades. The bands include the Skexies, Mace, Dumt, Potbelly, Unbiblical Chords, Outright, Sabre, Chump Change, Siknes, Accused, Coven, Positively Negative, Porn Stars of Horror, Stagnant Water, Alcojuana, Bad Spasm, Boxcutter PNW, Entrails, Xenn, Gutter Gourmet, Grumble Thorp, Bughunt, BigTop, Chicago Typewriter and the Evicted. A quality dual gender release featuring the female sounds of the Skexies, Porn Stars of Horror, and Bughunt combined with 22 male fronted bands, plus a few never to be duplicated tunes from the deceased members of Chump Change and Boxcutter PNW. Household units such as Accused, Coven, Mace and Potbelly garnish one’s attention. This release includes both the past and the present from four counties just north of Seattle to the Canadian border. 37 years in the making - A long overdue project!

     “The History of North Sound Punk, Hardcore and Thrash covers 37 years and 25 different bands from just north of Seattle. A historical treasure for those whom enjoy these genres of music and a train wreck of sound for those who don’t!" – Northwest News Report
    “A tremendous amount of work must have gone into the compiling and presentation of this great NW collection! – Loud and Local

    * Includes heavy hitters the Accused, Coven, Mace and Potbelly.
    * A unique treasury that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

    Track Listing:
    1. Skexies “Daytime TV”
    2. Mace ‘Thinning The Herd’
    3. Dumt ‘Some People Think That I’m Stoopid (Live)”
    4. Potbelly “Throw The Brick”
    5. Unbiblical Chords “Only One Confused”
    6. Outright “Xenophobia” 
    7. Sabre “Drink Drink”
    8. Chump Change “Howl”
    9. Siknes “Punkenstein (Live)”
    10. The Accused “Political Nightmare (Live)”
    11. Coven “McDonaldland Massacre”
    12. Positively Negative “Break It Down”
    13. The Porn Stars Of Horror “Fishing For Compliments”
    14. Stagnant Water “Brain”
    15. Alcojuana “Attack”
    16. Bad Spasm “Back Alley Abortions (Live)”
    17. Boxcutter PNW “What We Need”
    18. Entrails “Subjugate”
    19. Xenn “Napalm”
    20. Gutter Gourmet “Society’s Trap”
    21. Grumble Thorpe “The Forgotten”
    22. Bughunt “Mudd”
    23. Bigtop “I Don’t Know”
    24. Chicago Typewriter “In The Mosh Pit”
    25. The Evicted “Fascist”