V/A "Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume 9" 7" EP

V/A "Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume 9" 7" EP
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    Label: PIG Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Punk / Hardcore / Rock
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    Volume IX of the world’s most successful alternative/punk compilation seven inch is finally here. Featuring wildly random mixed colors. This delicacy spreads across the U.S. nation like warm butter. Bomb Squad from Portland, Oregon opens up this gem. Followed by Moose’s Last Stand straight outta of Texas. ‘Low Brow on the HiFi’ crashes forward from Chicago born Los Eskeletos. San Diego’s nonstop touring machine Some Kind of Nightmare blister into the heavy-hitting splatter-rock founders ‘the Accused.’ Famed Potbelly apparently believes in ‘Castration.’ Recently deceased Robby Cleary fronts Bellingham, Washington based Boxcutter for the last time. (Rest In Punk Robby!) The record is rounded out by a few more local acts, Lumps, Pill Brigade, and Benoit, and then closed on a very high note. “White Wolf” by the internationally acclaimed Zeke. Can’t wait for Volume X!

    “Frenitic and furious…” Razorcake Magazine
    “Daring, provocative.” Chronicle

    * 8 very successful prior volumes featuring the likes of the Misfits, Dehumanizers, Jello Biafra, Pamela Des Barres, Mascara Snake from Captain Beefheart, Antiseen, GG Allin, Raw Power, MDC, Dwarves and on and on and on!
    * Zeke and Accused have been selling lots of records continuously for the past 25 years
    * Colored-vinyl and a collector’s item

    Track Listing:
    1. Bomb Squad “Hollywood Fake”
    2. Moose’s Last Stand “Throat Punch”
    3. Los Eskeletos “Low Brow On The HiFi”
    4. Lumps “Death Comes Knocking”
    5. Some Kind of Nightmare “Let Us Pass”
    6. Accused “Gain Green”
    7. Boxcutter “Bed of Nails”
    8. Potbelly “Castration”
    9. Pill Brigade “War Boys”
    10. Benoit "Benoit"
    11. Zeke “White Wolf”