DEHUMANIZERS "Fresh Corn & Premium Bananas" CD

DEHUMANIZERS "Fresh Corn & Premium Bananas" CD
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    Label: PIG Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Punk / Hardcore
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    Seattle’s Dehumanizers are still going strong since their killer debut single was release in 1987. Their sound has really evolved alot over the years from their punk / hardore beginnings that helped make them a household name in and around Emerald City. ‘Fresh Corn and Premium Bananas’ is their newest album and shows a heavy dose of their signature sound with the occasional crossover riff and a couple mid-paced songs that dabble in heavy psychedelia. A solid full length that’s obnoxious, driving and filled with some hilariously witty lyrics that the band has always been known for. They’ve developed quite the following over the years making interesting societal jabs when needed and their musical mishmash is generally effective on this new disc.