FINNENTUM "Vapauden Laulu" CD

FINNENTUM "Vapauden Laulu" CD
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    Price: $11.99
    Label: The Oath / White Wolf Productions
    Nation: Finland
    Style: Folk Black Metal
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    FINNENTUM returns with "Vapauden Laulu", continuation of the first self-titled EP released back in 2008, lyrically focusing on dark romantic poetry and the history of Shatraug's family and is, just like the debut release, fully written in Finnish to present a familiar spirit. Time passes just as water flows in rivers and "Vapauden Laulu" was in fact recorded already in 2013 but has remained in the archives until now: songs of magick and freedom soar again. Available in standard jewel case edition, 4 pages booklet, limited to 300 copies.