HAPPY DAYS "Happiness Stops Here..." CD

HAPPY DAYS "Happiness Stops Here..." CD
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    Price: $11.99
    Label: Zero Dimensional/Maa
    Nation: USA
    Style: Depressive Black Metal
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    To all of our Happy Days fans! This is the Reissue CD of the Happy Days 3rd album "Happiness Stops Here..." The songs have been remastered and mixed in this limited edition release! This album features amazing and dark art by Maxime Taccardi. The paintings featured on the artowrk for this album were painting using his own blood for maximum atmosphere. This is the album that started to to take Happy Days to a much darker realm of existence. A must buy album!
    For fans of Bethlehem, Burzum, Strid, Kanashimi, Infernal Necromancy, Dolorian