HELL-BORN "Cursed Infernal Steel" CD

HELL-BORN "Cursed Infernal Steel" CD
    Code: IMR008
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Ibex Moon Records
    Nation: Poland
    Style: Black / Thrash Metal
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    Third album from the Polish Black Thrash Metal band! A perfect mixture between the '96 debut's dark, diabolical atmosphere, the uncompromising brutality of "The Call of Megiddo" and the accurate, "sing along" songwriting structres from "Legacy of the Nephilim". All this wrapped with the unique HELL-BORN style - evil, dark, brutal, cross-breaking Hell Fuckin' Metal! The album comes with a great artwork, far and beyond all you've ever seen. Bow down! HELL-BORN strikes again under the Black Flag!!!