CARNAL SAVAGERY "Scent of Death" Cassette

CARNAL SAVAGERY "Scent of Death" Cassette
    Code: HQRC046
    Price: $7.99
    Label: Huangquan Records / Moribund Records
    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Death Metal
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    Official License Import from Huangquan Records (neon green colored cassette). Pure old School Swedish Death Metal, filled with Catchy rhythms, Melody and Hooks! Swiftly following 2021’s break-through Death Metal album “Fiendish”, CARNAL SAVAGERY returns bearing the “Scent of Death”. Once more delivering a sarcophagus-sized slab of putrid old school Death Metal, “Scent of Death” is ripe with catchy melodic rhythms, memorable choruses, pounding drums, clear yet brutal vocals, and searing solos. With “Scent of Death”, CARNAL SAVAGERY not only raid the Mortuary, they also leave every other modern Death Metal band to molder in their graves! From album opener “Deformed Bodies”, through the groove laden “Impaled Tortured and Left for Dead”, to the end complete of “Tombs of the Deformed”, this brutal and blistering album has it all, leaving only vacant caskets and a lingering “Scent of Death”.