ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hellucinations" Gold Disc Digipak CD

ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hellucinations" Gold Disc Digipak CD
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    Re-issue on Gold Disc in Digipak limited Edition! When ACID WITCH's "Witchtanic Hellucinations" came out in 2008 on Razorback Records, metal fans were floored by the creative mash of death metal, doom, horror soundtrack, and NWOBHM. The diabolical duo crafted a signature sound that reeks of old, rotten treats on Halloween night, therefore appropriately dubbing this style of music "HALLOWEEN METAL"! This album is a thick, heavy cauldron of psychedelic surprises and drug-induced HORROR! To meet the demand for this modern classic, Hells Headbangers stepped in to do the honors - maybe your Halloween won't turn out to be the "happy" one you were expecting...hahahaha!!! Imagine a drugged out, doomy early IMPETIGO and your’ve nailed the coffin !