OBSESSOR "Blitzkrieg Battalion" CD

OBSESSOR "Blitzkrieg Battalion" CD
    Code: GOATKULT02
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Autopsy Stench
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Black / Thrash Metal
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    Debut full-length album by the German Black/Thrash Metal band.

    God sent his Angels of Fate to prevent the release of this dirty piece of Satanic Metal, but he failed... After so many delays, "Blitzkrieg Battalion" is ready to strike... Four hellhounds of Hades are possessed by the ancient spirit of old tyrants blood and invoke the satanic Metal overkill... This is pure Black Thrashing Blasphemy and a f****ng fist in the face of every modern Nu Metal maggot! Listening to this record will brought you back to the good old days of Venom. With the amazing feel of the old school records, the reverbed voice, the cutting drums, and the perfectly muddy mix, it gives you the right feel. Great stuff for slumber parties, underground shows and small venues. You'll be pleased from their advance in the genre, and that they keep the flame burning for all the oldschool lovers that there is! Beware, this is Metal Supremacy!! For fans of Witchburner, Gospel Of The Horns, Ketzer... Old School Speed Metal band from Germany.Released by GoatKult. CD includes hidden bonus track.