DRUADAN FOREST "Dismal Spells from the Dragonrealm" CD

DRUADAN FOREST "Dismal Spells from the Dragonrealm" CD
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    Label: Werewolf Records
    Nation: Finland
    Style: Epic Ambient Black Metal
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    3rd album of Epic Black Ambient from this Finnish band! explores the most mystical, folkloric realms between the shadows of black metal and pure ambient music. Some might brand his approach as "dungeon synth," but such a revisionist appelation sells short not only the man's decades-deep investment in these realms, but more so that DRUADAN FOREST thus far have safely eluded simple genre categorization: although most of the themes/textures stay consistent - fantasy, wonder, darkness, heroism, general grandiosity - no two recordings during Mk II of the band sound exactly the same.