ACROSOME "Narrator and Remains" CD

ACROSOME "Narrator and Remains" CD
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    Label: Dusktone
    Nation: Turkey
    Style: Post-Black Metal
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    With this brand new album ACROSOME has certainly touched the absolute masterpiece. “Narrator and remains” is a unique album: violent, surrealistic, mystical and damned spooky. This is not however simply a black metal album, ACROSOME has anchored the sound in this very explorative mode, but uses his expertise to take it far beyond murk, grit and a fractured soul The sounds are incredibly dark and often punishing – torturous and occasionally frightening, but DA somehow manages to offset it with an occasional flourish of beauty or calm. One of a kind (…maybe just Arcturus), it’s a desperate scream in the red desert hungry ghosts, a trip amid the fury of the sandstorm. We are in other worlds : maestoso in his “Morricone-like” whistling only means to evoke hidden divinity to the most (and even himself …). “Narrator and remains” draws colors only from the sand and a cobalt sea in the distance … Ancient, arcane and hidden prophecies, rites blasphemous idols of forgotten crystal sea, where no one has ever dared to gallop. It destined to wander forever in an eternal nothingness, looking himself .