DARK PSYCHOSIS "The Edge Of Nowhere" Digi CD

DARK PSYCHOSIS "The Edge Of Nowhere" Digi CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black Metal
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    Scene Legend Xaphan (SUMMON & MASOCHIST) returns with a genre-bending new album through DARK PSYCHOSIS!!!

    Joy Division sacrificed by Slayer, Pink Floyd mutilated by Watain… make whatever abstract comparisons you wish – DARK PSYCHOSIS have crafted and perfected a unique sound all their own. “The Edge Of Nowhere” marks their 3rd album and Moribund Records debut. There will be 2 Digital singles issued prior to the album release date, each with an exclusive “B-side” bonus track not available on the full album!

    Lead by 30+ year scene veteran Xaphan, best known as the singer/guitarist/songwriter from both Legendary Michigan bands SUMMON and MASOCHIST, DARK PSYCHOSIS creates a genre-bending new sound. Incorporating elements from indie rock, psychedelia, classic heavy metal, darkwave, post-punk, thrash and, of course, black metal, “The Edge Of Nowhere” is a ripping album sure to reach far beyond the parameters of Heavy Metal! All formats of the album contain unreleased bonus tracks, the Digipack CD version features “Wrath and Woeful” while the Digital release holds a Thrashing Black Metal take on the G.G. Allin cult classic “Drink Fight And Fuck”!

    From Goth-New-Wave tinged tracks like “The Edge Of Nowhere...”, to MASOCHIST / SUMMON styled Black Metal classics, to old-school ripping Thrash fist-bangers like “Ominous Black”, this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of truly unique and dark music!

    * The highly anticipated 3rd Dark Psychosis album!
    * New Band of SUMMON & MASOCHIST front-man Xaphan!
    * Features a killer production from Beyond Dead Studio (Wind of the Black Mountains)!
    * Killer cover art by world- renowned Tattoo Artist Sean Peters (Summon, Masochist, Lethal Shock)!
    * A unique mix of Heavy Metal, Post Punk, Goth and Black Metal.
    * Features members of cult Black Metal acts SUMMON & MASOCHIST.
    * Guest Drums on "Wrath and Woeful" by Supmur (Masochist).
    * Mandatory for fans of Slayer, Summon, Joy Division, Masochist, Bauhaus, Sodom and Venom.

    Track Listing:
    1. Old Fear (5:12)
    2. Born To Lose (4:44)
    3. Dead As Sheep (2:57)
    4. The Edge Of Nowhere... (3:35)
    5. Dark Call... (7:04)
    6. Late Night (Syd Barrett cover) (3:15)
    7. Ominous Black (5:14)
    8. As The Longing Grows (5:02)
    9. New Decay / Outro (11:11)
    10. Wrath and Woeful (sessions from 2008) (2:53)
    Total Play Time: 45:55

    Digital Only Bonus Track:
    Drink Fight And Fuck (G.G. Allin cover) (1:12)

    Single #1
    1. The Edge Of Nowhere... (3:35)
    2. Alcoholocaust (unreleased) (3:10)

    Single #2
    1. Ominous Black (5:14)
    2. The Ones Who Dwell Within (2005) (unreleased) (6:46)