ADVERSVM "Dysangelion" CD

ADVERSVM "Dysangelion" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Funeral Doom Metal
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       The monumental modern funeral doom act, Adversvm, has joined the infernal horde known as the Moribund Cult! Established in Germany, 2015, Adversvm came forth with a mission, one which they have clearly accomplished: To create art more sinister than black metal and death metal, and to manifest this sound with apocalyptic verses. “Dysangelion” is the 2nd full-length recording from the tenebrous Titans and will serve as their debut on Moribund Records.
        “Dysangelion” is a powerfully ominous offering; every note is drenched in darkness, creeping with the icy touch of the abyss and every beat is tell-tale of your doom! Shadowy, atmospheric interludes collide with utterly crushing and mesmeric death / doom passages. Highlighted against the dense structuring of mixed vocals and bludgeoning pulse, is terrifically tormented guitar work. Chorded ataxia suddenly rots, as transient austerity emerges, and then sloughs into murky, down-tuned dismal euphany.
       As a perpetually swinging transmitter of tempestuous conviction releases furious hearts from status quos paradigms, witness Adversvm’s Apocalyptic awakening as “Dysangelion” crushes All!
       A New ERA of DOOM Has Arrived!!!

    “A monstrous, massive sounding collection of powerful blackened doom.” –Cvlt Nation
    "Very much trve blackened doom".-
    * from “Aion Sitra Ahra” Album

    * Highly anticipated second album from the German Masters of DOOM!!!
    * Features a stunning production courtesy of CKB Recordng, Essen Germany (Kreator, Mor Dagor).
    * Cult cover art by Néstor Ávalos (Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Bloodbath, Blut Aus Nord, Varathron)!
    * Excellent graphic design by Birger Schwidop/Harvest Of Eyes (Root, Venenum, Warhammer)
    * Guest vocals on "Haghios Apokalypsis" by Helm (EMPYRIUM).
    * Resurrecting the True DOOM / Death Metal scene lost for over a decade!
    * Mandatory for fans of My Dying Bride, Thergothon, Anathema, Cathedral, Catacombs, Skepticism and Disembowelment !!!

    Track Listing:
    1. Icon O (0:53)
    2. Encomium To Dies Irae (7:12)
    3. Fire Tongues Sermon (10:09)
    4. Paradigms Beneath The Malefactor (11:29)
    5. Morti Debitus (3:52)
    6. On The Eucharist It Shines (5:32)
    7. Haghios Apocalypsis (7:42)
    8. Solar Doom (5:01)