NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD

NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
    Code: DEAD231
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: United States
    Style: Death Metal/Grindcore
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    The New Death-Thrash, Sleaze-Rock, Filth-Grind Ungods !!!

     Oregon's purveyors of filthy Death-Thrash-Grind, the NEKRO DRUNKZ, return to sleaze it up again with their anticipated fourth album, "Lavatory Carnage". This time around, the window peepin' freaks serve-up a puss blood buffet of 18 tracks of total Grinding Death Thrash sure to force your tongue into the toilet! Out doing themselves once again, the dastardly duo of Disgustor and Crystal Seth have recorded the heaviest Grind album in over 2 decades, since the scene's glory days of Gut, Impetigo and the Meat Shits! The memorably disgusting guitar riffs and vocals straight from the sewer are barely contained within! So it's time to get out of the bathroom, unless you are prepared for the "Lavatory Carnage"!

     Featuring the Smash-Hits: Asshole Cassarole, Lavatory Carnage, Violent Eruption of Assorted Excrement & Treacherous Anal Warts!

    * An 18 track smorgasbord of Sex, Gore, Booze, Violence & Metallic Menstrual Blood !
    * Features members of Fornicator and Cemetary Lust !
    * Sick cover art by Matt Stikker (Relapse Records, Drouth, Witch Vomit).
    * Additional art by Stevo (Impetigo) and Mortuus.
    * Excellent Old-School Death Metal / Grind production from Jason BrainSplitter at Pissass Studio (Rude, Nescient).
    * New highlight of the Thrash-Death-Grind scene!
    * Mandatory for fans of Impetigo, Fornicator, Gut, Meat Shits, Whore, Macabre & The Mentors !!!

    Track Listing:
    1. Violent Eruption of Assorted Excrement (1:23)
    2. Razor Blade Rimjob (0:44)
    3. Shit Terrorist (1:22)
    4. Gangrene Gang Bang (0:58)
    5. College Co-Eds Pooping (0:29)
    6. Asshole Casserole (1:26)
    7. Interred In Turd (1:22)
    8. Kaustik Kum (1:37)
    9. Puss Blood Buffet (0:21)
    10. Treacherous Anal Warts (1:27)
    11. Window Peepin Freak (0:27)
    12. Lavatory Carnage (2:24)
    13. Aroused By Menstrual Stench (1:56)
    14. Tongue In The Toilet (0:35)
    15. Temple Of Blowjobs (1:17)
    16. Gapin' The Misshapen (2:00)
    17. Cannibalistic Cunnilingus (0:43)
    18. Extreme Scat Slaves (3:08)