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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Thrash Metal / Speed Metal
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    Debut album of ripping Canadian Power Thrash Metal!

    Canadian ripping Power Thrash newcomers Triskelyon deliver the stainless steel goods with their debut album “Downfall”! Founded in 2021 by guitarist Geoff Waye, best known from the True Metal band Category VI, Triskelyon released one self-titled EP and were promptly signed to Moribund Records. Utilizing a myriad of both male and female guest vocalist from Oberon, Hyperia, Catagory VI and Incidium, “Downfall” has a range and depth of sound unique in today’s modern Thrash Metal scene, setting the band ahead and apart from the hordes of young new thrash acts. Triskelyon also features guest bass appearances from members of Afterforever and Catagory VI, making Triskelyon a veritable Super Group of the Canadian Metal Scene!

    Depicting a nature taking over post-apocalyptic view on our ever screwed up world, Triskelyon keep with 80’s Thrash tradition employing world-ending yet self-empowering socially conscious lyrical themes. From straight-up 80’s thrashers like “Odyssey (Blessed by Steel)”, to the Power Metal laced “Find A Way”, and more anthemic Thrash tracks such as “Hunger” and “Willful Ignorance”, “Downfall” is sure to satiate even the most discriminating old-school and modern Thrash Metal fan alike! The album even features a unique and thrashing rendition of the Billy Idol song “Nobody’s Business”!

    With “Downfall” Triskelyon deliver an amazing Thrash album that harkens back to the old-school days of such luminaries as Forbidden, Agent Steel, Sentinel Beast, Détente, Overkill & Testament!

    Prepare yourself for the global “Downfall”!

    * Highly anticipated new Thrash band by Category VI guitarist Geoff Waye!
    * Featuring guest vocalists from Oberon, Hyperia, Catagory VI and Incidium!
    * A veritable Super Group of the Canadian Metal Scene!
    * Features a unique cover of the Billy Idol song “Nobody’s Business”!
    * Superb post-apocalyptic Heavy Metal cover art by IvaanMR11.
    * Classic 1980’s style Power Thrash Metal of the Highest Quality!
    * Mandatory for fans of Forbidden, Exodus, Sentinel Beast, Agent Steel, Détente, Slayer, Testament & Overkill!

    Track Listing:
    1. Hunger (3:01))
    2. Find a Way (4:05))
    3. Odyssey (Blessed By Steel) (3:34))
    4. Willful Ignorance (4:14))
    5. A Time of War (4:03))
    6. Balance of Terror (4:22))
    7. Apex Predator (4:12))
    8. Indifference (4:37))
    9. Nobody's Business (Billy Idol cover) (3:54))