NUCLEAR DEATH "The Planet Cachexial" CD

NUCLEAR DEATH "The Planet Cachexial" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Avant-garde / Death Metal
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    You are Hereby delivered the Original Sins by the Hand of THE QUEEN MOTHER OF DEATH METAL!!!
    Devotees at the forefront of the fledgling Death Metal and Grindcore scene, NUCLEAR DEATH released 4 early demos from 1986 to 1988. These were followed by 3 highly praised, critically acclaimed albums, 1990’s “Bride of Insect”, 1991’s “Carrion for Worm” and “All Creatures Great and Eaten” 1992. These 3 were accompanied by the release of the legendary “...For Our Dead...” EP in 1992. NUCLEAR DEATH also recorded and self-released two additional albums “The Planet Cachexial” (1996) and “Harmony Drinks of Me” (2000), which were never officially released, only sold by the band themselves via their website.
    Moribund Records and NUCLEAR DEATH have joined forces in crafting the Ultimate Deluxe Death edition of every NUCLEAR DEATH Classic! These deluxe reissues feature new never before seen art, expanded booklets with unreleased photo’s, all lyrics and more; including ancient tales of conquest by the forked tongued Queen Mother of Death Metal, Lori Bravo!
    Presented now is “The Planet Cachexial” the bands 4th and previously unreleased album! The Queen Mother of Death Metal sheds her skin and side-steps into a parallel dimension to howl at the Full Moon! “The Planet Cachexial” is an avant-garde entity all of its own, ushering in new sounds for Nuclear Death. The lost bridge between the “All Creatures...” and “Harmony...” albums, it’s low-fi sci-fi conceptualism is perhaps best described as extreme cosmic drama. Much more a "soundtrack" than an album, “The Planet Cachexial” is the companion tome to a dark sci-fi novella written and illustrated by Ms. Bravo titled "Slumberblood", centering on “the birth and rebirth of universes”. On “Planet” Bravo uses vocals purely as an instrument. Literally sounding like a wild, inhuman entity, emitting the sounds of the various creatures that make up the world of “Slumberblood”.
    However, taken only as a musical experience, “The Planet Cachexial” is a haunting, discordant work filled with unexpected moments of phantasmagoric horror. It truly welcomes you to the morbid mind of Ms. Bravo through both Sound and picture. “Planet” is Lori's favorite NUCLEAR DEATH record, in her own words; "No one can touch 'The Planet Cachexial'! It’s truly is ND's finest moment." A ground-breaking slab of Avant-garde metal art decades ahead of its time is now unleashed by Moribund to the greater and unsuspecting world!

    “Burzum trying to play Oxiplegatz” -Jeff Wagner/Radical Research podcast “’The Planet Cachexial’ effectively projects the outer limits Bravo was reaching for.”

    * Previously Unreleased album by the US Death Metal Legends NUCLEAR DEATH! * The 4th full length album from the US Death Metal progenitors!
    * The soundtrack companion to the dark sci-fi novella "Slumberblood"!
    * An Avant-Garde, epic extreme music masterpiece!
    * Cover art by band leader Lori Bravo!
    * Mandatory for fans of Naked City, Abruptum, MZ.412, In The Woods, John Zorn, Fluerty, Manes, Boredoms.

    Track Listing:
    1. Cachexial (2:55)
    I. Cachexial: my Home Prison
    II. Ferrago: Guardians To Mother
    III. Mother Chaos
    2. Raped by the Wiengd (3:59)
    I. The Wiengd Appears
    II. Aurora Be She
    III. The Conceivement of Slumberblood
    3. Birthing of Slumberblood (3:40)
    4. Grimalkin Be Spoiled (3:21)
    5. The Ground Hath Noses (1:45)
    6. Ve'at (2:22)
    7. Into Zyrèylyà (1:20)
    8. Oh Father Death, Taketh Me! (4:49)
    9. Wardance (2:52)
    I. Ugly….Kill It!
    II. Children Must Die!
    10. Tis Ne'r Over 'til the Fat Thing Screams (1:08)
    11. Amanuensis to Basiliscus Pente (0:44)

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