DARK PSYCHOSIS (Summon/Masochist/WOTBM) "Obsessed By Shadows +Bonus" Digi CD Re-issue

DARK PSYCHOSIS (Summon/Masochist/WOTBM) "Obsessed By Shadows +Bonus" Digi CD Re-issue
    Code: DEAD283
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black / Thrash Metal
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    Official re-issue of DARK PSYCHOSIS debut album with 5 bonus Demo tracks! Lead by 30+ year scene veteran Xaphan, best known as the singer/guitarist/songwriter from both Legendary Michigan bands SUMMON and MASOCHIST, DARK PSYCHOSIS creates a genre-bending new sound. DARK PSYCHOSIS seamlessly fuses elements from indie rock, psychedelia, classic heavy metal, darkwave, post-punk, thrash and, of course, black metal. Joy Division sacrificed by Slayer, Pink Floyd mutilated by Bathory… make whatever abstract comparisons you wish – DARK PSYCHOSIS have crafted and perfected a unique sound all their own.
    “Obsessed By Shadows” is the bands long out of print debut album, originally released in 2005. This thrashing classic is now officially reissued as a limited edition digipak, including 5 Bonus Tracks from the “Profane Hallucinations” demo 2000, not on the original release! From the MASOCHIST / SUMMON styled metal classic title track “Obsessed By Shadows”, to eerie atmospheric tracks like “Lostlessness”, and old-school ripping Thrash head-bangers like “Rebel Of Fallen Angels”, this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of Heavy Metal! Join DARK PSYCHOSIS and let your obsession begin!

    PRESS: “I feel the fire of the music” – Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine (29K Followers)

    KEY SALES POINTS: * Long out of print debut album, digipak reissue limited to 500 copies!
    * Includes 5 Demo Bonus Tracks not on the original release!
    * Features a great interpretive cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”!
    * Great production from Beyond Dead Studio (Wind of the Black Mountains)!
    * Killer cover art by world- renowned Tattoo Artist Sean Peters (Summon, Masochist, Lethal Shock)!
    * A unique mix of Heavy Metal, Post Punk, Goth, Atmosphere and Black Metal.
    * Features members of cult Black Metal acts SUMMON, WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS & MASOCHIST.
    * Mandatory for fans of Slayer, Summon, Joy Division, Masochist, Bauhaus, Sodom and Venom.

    Track Listing:
    1. The Shadow (1:47)
    2. The Immersing Soul (4:16)
    3. Darkness Has Returned... (3:07)
    4. Rebel Of Fallen Angels (2:28)
    5. Profane Hallucinations (6:19)
    6. Obsessed By Shadows (6:31)
    7. Lostlessness (2:55)
    8. Astronomy Domine (3:00)
    9. Osculum Infame (8:05)
    «Bonus demo tracks»
    10. The Ones Who Dwell Within (Rehearsal Demo 2005) (6:26)
    11. Rise Old Fire God (Demo 1999) (2:44)
    12. The Immersing Soul (Demo 1999) (4:13)
    13. Profane Hallucinations (Demo 1999) (6:09)
    14. Obsessed By Death (Demo 1999) (6:10)