ODEM "Timeless Past Above" Digi CD

ODEM "Timeless Past Above" Digi CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Russia
    Style: Technical Death Metal
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    Russian Technical / Progressive Blackened Death Metal overlords ODEM return with their Highly Anticipated second album!

    Moribund Records is proud to welcome ODEM to the cult with the release of the band’s second full-length album. Beginning with an ascendance into the eerie dark, ODEM immediately overtakes all listeners with technical yet heavy-handed riffs and a high-speed frontal assault of brutality. The band desecrate the heavens above with their technically progressive and dissonant sounds of Death, which always retains a melodic sensibility. Both catchy and ageless till the end, “Timeless Past Above” is 43 minutes of unparalleled destruction through creation into the realms of Blackened Death Metal perfection! There will be a digital single issued prior to the album’s release date, with an exclusive “B-side” bonus track / alternate version of the song “Vermes” featuring guest vocalist from HELLBOMB!

    This is an album full of Timeless Death Metal classics- ODEM’s sound is both Technical and melodic, all conveyed in an absolutely smothering atmosphere of brutality! “Timeless Past Above“ is enshrouded in art by Matt Lombard, best known for his work with Cradle of Filth, and will be released as Digi CD with 8-page booklet and Digital, both to include a bull-dozer bonus track cover of the IMMOLATION classic “A Glorious Epoch”! When ODEM illuminate you with their sound, you shall experience transcendence, as they allow you to enter their underground temple of Black Death Metal perfection!

    A Glorious Epoch awaits those who embrace ODEM’s Descendance, bringing you truth through the ashes of a new creation!

    "Odem leads the pack with its unique blackened influences and a blend of aggressive and semi-technical Death Metal, with elements of modern brutality as well. Their sound is innovative in ways that American bands are often loath to do.” – No Clean Singing
    “ODEM have an exceptional sound and this band has the potential to take the Metal world by storm.” – Metal-Temple
    “Technical, but not to the point of ruining the songs, it’s truly the melding of the precision riffs with slight atmosphere that give Odem their seal of approval.” – Dead Rhetoric
    “It’s as if someone has distilled the essence of Black Metal, created a foul-smelling tincture and upon consuming immediately vomited forth Odem’s style of Death Metal.” – Wonderbox Metal

    * The highly anticipated 2nd album from the Russian Death Metal titans!
    * Excellent cover art by Matt Lombard (Cradle of Filth, Vale, Sarah Jezebel Deva)!
    * Top notch production by Nikita Psariov at Redneck Studio!
    * Features a killer Bonus Track cover song of the Immolation classic “A Glorious Epoch”!
    * Features session Drums by Dmitry Yuriev (Black Door To Asylum).
    * Guest Vocals on "Vermes" and Introduction to "Ascendance" by Andrey Kovalev (Hellbomb).
    * Lyrics by Serpent (Daemon Worship Productions).
    * Mandatory for fans of Behemoth, Immolation, Nile, Incantation & Deicide.

    Track Listing:
    1. Ascendance (8:14)
    2. Vermes (9:06)
    3. Desecrate (2:34)
    4. Illuminate (6:47)
    5. Descendance (12:17)
    6. A Glorious Epoch (Immolation cover) (4:32)
    Total Play Time: 43:30

    Single #1
    1. Illuminate (6:47)
    2. Vermes (Single Version)