SATANS HOST "Midnight Wind" CD Re-Issue

SATANS HOST "Midnight Wind" CD Re-Issue
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: True Metal
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    America’s #1 and longest-running True Heavy Metal Band!!!
       SATAN'S HOST require no introduction; an American Metal Institution and one of the original Pioneers of both Thrash and Power Metal. Through the decades SATAN'S HOST have continually re-invented themselves, always remaining fresh, leading the pack of True US Heavy Metal!
       Formed in 1985, throughout the course of their 33+ year career (of evil!) SATAN'S HOST have recorded and released 13 studio albums, several video’s and live albums, have extensively toured the world, headlined every major metal festival on earth, permanently etching their pentagram-sealed mark at the very top of the Heavy Metal echelon! US Heavy Metal Titans and Power Metal legends SATAN’S HOST have unquestionably earned their deserved place in Heavy Metal History!
       SATAN'S HOST’s debut album, “Metal from Hell”, originally released in 1986 is a definitive and MANDATORY piece of classic Metal history alongside Slayer’s “Show no Mercy”, Mercyful Fate’s “Melissa” and Venom’s “Black Metal”! Combining Traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal, the high-energy of 1st wave Thrash Metal and all the evil of hell, SATAN'S HOST set a standard that is rarely surpassed to this day! The album also created the original template for Power Metal, later capitalized on by now legendary bands like Trouble, Fates Warning and Halloween. An interesting piece of Metal and SATAN'S HOST trivia is the fact that “Metal from Hell” has been the most bootlegged album in Metal history!
       The band recorded their second album “Midnight Wind” in 1987, but the album was never released due to label issues, and was lost in the annals of history – Until Now! Officially released for the first time ever, SATAN'S HOST deliver their magical second album “Midnight Wind” as it was originally intended to be. Completely remastered from the original source tapes, ensuring the best sound possible for this mandatory piece of Heavy Metal History! A Hellish opus filled with epic 'n' dynamic HEAVY METAL anthems, including a riveting cover of the American folk song “House of the Rising Sun” made popular by The Animals - No one is able to touch the sheer mastery and uniqueness of SATAN'S HOST!
    One of the 25 MOST IMPORTANT albums in Heavy Metal History!

    “Truly an immense piece of work, filled to the brim with everything that makes their mix of power and thrash metal so brilliant!”- New Noise (4/5)
     “If the band’s post 2009 material hasn’t convinced you yet, then Pre-dating God, Part 1 and Part 2 will completely seal the deal.” The Metal Observer (9/10)
     “An extremely well-put-together album, which is both melodic and aggressive”- (5/5)
    “A band that practically invented its own genre”- (9/10)
    “Satan's Host and their masterwork are here”- (9/10)
    “True metal from start to finish, fans of a lot of different genres will like it.”- (9/10)
    “Satan's Host close to three decades on are not just delivering cult true metal to the masses but bolder and better than before!" -

    * The extremely rare SATAN'S HOST unreleased 2nd album officially available for the 1st time!
    * One of the most bootlegged albums in Heavy Metal history!
    * Featuring original vocalist Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer/Titan Force)!
    * Multiple festival headlining spots and regional touring through 2019!
    * Recorded at the legendary Avalanche Studios (Jag Panzer, Holly Hunter, The Winans)
    * Original artwork by the renowned 1980’s artist Bill Wiscott (Satan’s Host, Hammers Rule).
    * Features scorching guitar work by world renowned master axe-man Patrick Evil.
    * Mandatory for fans of Slayer, Fates Warning, Candlemass, Mercyful Fate, Jag Panzer, Dio & Judas Priest.

    Track Listing:
    1. Black Sunday (4:34)
    2. House of the Rising Sun (3:41)
    3. Midnight Wind (6:27)
    4. Demonic Plague (6:37)
    5. Face of Fire (5:35)
    6. Witches Return (7:40)
    Total Play Time: 34:34