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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Pagan / Viking / Black / Death Metal
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    Epic Pagan / Occult Blackened Metal that pierces the veil into the other side and incorporates sounds of the Unknown worlds!!! 

    North America’s #1 Pagan Occultist Blackened Metal band returns with the ground-breaking “Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule”, their landmark masterpiece 3rd album! 

    Building upon their solid foundation of Occult / Pagan Metal roots, on “Desolate Ways…” NORTHERN (formerly Cold Northern Vengeance) radically expands their sound with heavy influences from Death Metal, Oi! , Avant Garde , traditional Folk and of course Black Metal, culminating in a unique and strikingly original sound all their own. NORTHERN’s most diverse and catalysing album to date. 

    For the 1st time in their 15+ year careers NORTHERN take a strong political stance standing up for Liberty, Freedom of Speech and Individuality (over conformist mentality), whether taking on the book-burning bully boys of antifa with the anthemic, soon-to-be classic “Live Free or Die”, to the folk & country leanings of “Fall Into Winter”, NORTHERN firmly take a stance for the true ideals of American Freedom! 

    Ancient, acoustic, Norse anthemic classics like “Fall Into Winter” break into raging Black / Death crushers like “Woden's Revenge”, proving “Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule” to be one of the most musically diverse Rock / Metal albums of the last decade! A hard accomplishment for any band to achieve while maintaining a cohesive sound of their own instead of a you-tube mis-mash of disparate styles that never work. 

    From a cult Burzum cover to Hank Williams medleys and beyond, NORTHERN crafts a new standard for both Occult Rock and Metal to beat in the years to come! 

    "Enter an enchanted forest of dark Paganism, serial killer stomping grounds, Gnostic demonology, death fascination, hillbilly substance abuse, and other assorted devil worship. Join us in the land you know not. A distant and unknown region. These are the Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule..." Paul Heathen 


    “Kaleidoscopic landscapes of majesty and melancholy, storm and shelter. Transports the listener away from reality and into a dream-like Valhalla both splendorous and sinister."

    “Music that you won’t regret, so please check it out.”



    May 18 Chesapeake VA

    May 19 Atlanta GA

    May 20 Lexington KY

    May 23 Nashville TN

    May 24 Charlotte NC

    May 25 Jacksonville FL

    May 26 Huntsville AL

    May 27 New Orleans LA

    +more East, Midwest and West Coast

    dates to be announced shortly!


    * Highly anticipated third album from the US Viking / Heavy / Pagan / Hardcore / Death Metal Band!

    * The #1 US Viking / Pagan Metal artist!

    * Extensive US touring schedule May-September 2018 performing in all major markets!

    * Superb production from The Hall Studios, Seabrook NH (Gravewürm, Beorn's Hall, Fistula).

    * Mastered by Robert of Naturmacht Productions.

    * Features members of the cult USBM band December Wolves and Desolate.

    * Killer Pagan Cover illustration by Jeff Smith/Wolfsbane Productions (Ancestral Shadows).

    * Includes the ultimate, personal interpretation of the BURZUM classic “Black Spell of Destruction”!

    * 71 minute long album without a single “filler” track in ear-shot!

    * Mandatory for fans of Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Darkest Hour, Dissection, Nightbringer & Tyr!

    Track Listing:

    1. Reyn Til Runa (1:49)
    2. Fall Into Winter (11:09)
    3. A Wolf's Angle (Abraxas Trance) (9:22)
    4. Alaskan Ice (7:32)
    5. Woden's Revenge (6:13)
    6. Spell of Destruction (Burzum)* (6:12)
    7. Live Free or Die (5:32)
    8. Exaltation from the Grave (16:02)
    9. Fall Into Winter (neo folk version) (7:09)
    Total Play Time 71:00