VARDAN “Nostalgia - Archive Of Failures - Part 4” CD

VARDAN “Nostalgia - Archive Of Failures - Part 4” CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Black / Doom / Ambient Metal
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     VARDAN Stands at the Forefront of the Modern Black Metal / Doom / Atmospheric Scene. Breaking expectations, Bending boundaries, Destroying the norm… Treading NEW ground for the entire Metal genre… while forging a new Path that is Uniquely VARDAN’s !!!

       VARDAN continues his ascension to the top of the metal hierarchy with "Nostalgia - Archive Of Failures", a sextology of all new, unreleased material issued as 6 separate albums as well as 2 separate 3-CD Box Sets Part 1-3 & Part 4-6. Chronologically the 25th through 30th albums in the band's vast discography, "Nostalgia" is more than just another set of new records, it’s the vision of one of the Metal scenes most unique and prolific artists.

        On "Nostalgia - Archive Of Failures - Part 4", VARDAN reveals 3 vast compositions with 36+ minutes of keyboard laden Burzumic Black Metal filled with esoteric Lynchian passages, mournful vocals and all the atmosphere that VARDAN fans have come to expect. Epic in volume, scope and sound, with the second set of “Nostalgia- Archive Of Failures”, VARDAN concurrently delivers three more Black Metal classics at once!

    “Just pure genuine black metal" - New Noise
    “Engulfing" - Lacerated Metal webzine
    “His endless passion for DSBM is unlimited." -
    *“Highly atmospheric music that you can settle down with and immerse yourself within completely.” -
    *“This trio of releases similarly proves the man’s worth as a highly individual composer/performer…” - Third Eye Cinema
    *“It's brash and unconventional. It's painful and uplifting.” - Glacially Musical Webzine
                        * From “Nostalgia - Archives of Failure - Parts 1-3”

    * VARDAN’s 28th full-length studio album!!!
    * Highlight of the Modern Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded at Shining Depth Studio.
    * Grim Desolate cover art that will attract all Black Metal fans.
    * Also available as a 3xCD Custom Wood Box Set with Exclusive poster, patch, pendent + more lim. Ed. 300!
    * Mandatory for fans of Inquisition, Burzum, Dark Throne, Carpathian Forest, Dark Space, Manes, Sadness, Forgotten Tomb and Moon!

    Track Listing:
    1. Nostalgia IX (14:19)
    2. Nostalgia X (9:38)
    3. Nostalgia XI (12:08)

    “Nostalgia IX”