PROFEZIA "Black Misanthropic Elite Moon Anthem" A5 Digi CD lim. Ed. 1,000

PROFEZIA "Black Misanthropic Elite Moon Anthem" A5 Digi CD lim. Ed. 1,000
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    Rare and out of print for many years now, PROFEZIA's “Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem” debut is finally re-issued via MORIBUND RECORDS, as a limited-edition A5 digipack. Originally released in 2008, “Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem” introduced this Italian black metal cult to the international scene, and soon was spoken of with quiet reverence. Back then, the duo of Kvasir and Vidharr created an extremely cold, resolutely purist form of black metal that breathed the same icy fire that the ancient gods of the early '90s did. And although PROFEZIA's lust for pushing boundaries would blossom years later on the critically acclaimed MORIBUND album “Oracolo Suicida”, the conviction displayed - not to mention the utter hypnosis - across “Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem” would serve as an important foundation for one of Italian BM's very best bands.

    * Rare and long out of print debut album from one of the most cult Italian Metal bands!
    * Released in a limited edition 1,000 unit A5 Digipack!
    * Recorded at Vinum Sabbati Studios (Abhor)!
    * Features members of cult Italian BM acts Abhor, Mourning Mist, Beatrik, Tenebrae in Perpetuum!
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Abhor, Graveland, early Emperor and Dark Throne!

    Track Listing:
    1. Overture Psalm (5:01)
    2. Poem for the Black Misanthropic Elite pt.1 (2:49)
    3. Under a pale veil of unconsciousness reckless (3:03)
    4. Interlude (1:00)
    5. Hatred (5:57)
    6. Poem for the Black Misanthropic Elite pt.2 (5:30)
    7. Bewitched (5:16)
    8. Hungering (5:32)

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