WENDE "The Third and the Noble" CD

WENDE "The Third and the Noble" CD
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    MORIBUND RECORDS is proud to unveil one of black metal's best-kept secrets: WENDE and its second album, “The Third and the Noble”. Hailing from rural and deeply wooded Washington state, WENDE is the sole vision of one Zamiel, who’s two self-released albums to date have been in super-limited quantities. Simply put, “The Third and the Noble” is the best Burzumic black metal since...well, Burzum. Strong words, perhaps, but the proof is there across these nine tracks (including a Burzum cover!): melancholic, emotive, and truly isolationist, WENDE's “The Third and the Noble” will soundly restore lost wisdom and offer many journeys to the stars.

    * The Ultimate Burzumic USBM Band !!!
    * Cult mystical cover art by John Bauer that will attract all Black Metal fans.
    * Killer interpretation / cover of the BURZUM song “Towards Ragnarok”!
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Krohm, Veles, Manes, Thrall and I Shalt Become.

    Track Listing:
    1. Paths (2:19)
    2. Jarl’s Kin (8:51)
    3. Journey of the Unseen Wrath (8:09)
    4. Nothingness (9:54)
    5. Sorrowful Journey of Ages (8:29)
    6. Onward (6:59)
    7. Beyond the Moon and Beneath the Stars (9:04)
    8. Everything Ends (1:43)
    9. Towards Ragnarok (8:37)