INFERNUS "Grinding Christian Flesh" CD

INFERNUS "Grinding Christian Flesh" CD
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    Always on the lookout for the very best sounds in the extreme metal underground - and THE original support base of American black metal, long before "USBM" became a buzzword – Moribund Records proudly presents INFERNUS' “Grinding Christian Flesh”. The Portland, Oregon quintet's second album to date, “Grinding Christian Flesh” is an explosive rush of blasphemous, pitch-black sound. With the ease of veterans, INFERNUS weave together the night-sky melodicism of classic Dissection and the filthy forward propulsion of ancient blackthrash ala classic Deastroyer 666!Q Full of blistering classics, each song is a finely honed force of immediate memorability and eternal headbangability that never gives a break from the infernal mayhem. From bloody beginning to fiery end, INFERNUS' Grinding Christian Flesh does exactly what its title promises!

    * Killer second album of Thrashing Death / Black Metal from the Portland, OR band!
    * Excellent production from The Dungeon and Old Wolf studios!
    * Classic Metal cover art by Brian Long.
    * Features two bonus tracks – cult covers of Inquisition and Horna Classics!
    * Mandatory for fans of Dissection, Destroyer 666, Sodom, Inquisition and Horna!

    Track Listing:
    1. Intro (0:36)
    2. Grinding Christian Flesh (4:07)
    3. Worms of the Casket (4:49)
    4. Pagan Warfront (4:27)
    5. Candles, Horns and Tongues (3:47)
    6. Verminnihilation (4:06)
    7. Lay Your Souls Bare Before the Glory of Satan (1:08)
    8. Sodomfeast (4:31)
    9. Fetid Spawn of Bethlehem (3:57)
    10. Hang the Gutted Christians (3:23)
    11. Perversion Reliquary (4:36)
    12. Whore of Christ (2:28)
    13. Outro (0:57)
    Bonus Tracks
    14. Crush the Jewish Prophet (3:11)
    15. Black Metal Sodomy (2:12)