VARDAN "Verses From Ancient Time" CD

VARDAN "Verses From Ancient Time" CD
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    The busiest man in black metal, VARDAN delivers his 22nd album to date and his most potent yet, “Verses From Ancient Times”. Aptly titled, “Verses From Ancient Times” is pure classic BLACK METAL: grimly pulsing, entrancingly melodic, raw as the dungeon and ghostly as the night. 2014 was a busy year for VARDAN, with three critically acclaimed full-lengths on MORIBUND, all of which mastered the depressive suicidal black metal sound. Here, with “Verses From Ancient Times”, VARDAN delivers four epics of atmospheric majesty - strictly and totally within the realm of traditional Black Metal, but with a special darkness and grit that's entirely his own. Open the crypt and memorize “Verses From Ancient Times”!.

    * Highly anticipated 22nd VARDAN full-length studio album!
    * Highlight of the current Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded at Shining Depth Studio!
    * Vardan’s 20th and 23rd studio albums scheduled for 2015 release via Moribund!
    * Mandatory for fans of Dark Throne, Judas Iscariot, Early Carpathian Forest, Craft and Inquisition!

    Track Listing:
    1. I 11:15
    2. II 7:39
    3. III 5:33
    4. IV 10:39

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