HRIZG "Individualism" CD

HRIZG "Individualism" CD
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    Isolationist black metal cult HRIZG makes its long-awaited return with “Individualism”. Ever aptly titled, “Individualism” sees this one-man band perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own design. Compared to 2011's celebrated “Anthems to Decrepitude”, HRIZG's Individualism drives at both extremes - classic grimness vs. tense atonality - but arrives at a destination no less sepulchral and dynamic. Enter the realm of “Individualism”...

    “A phenomenal cult album” –Forbidden Magazine
    “Creative, extreme, brilliant, and dark but complex” –Culture Asylum
    “The songwriting and atmospherics are top notch” – [A- rating]

    * Anticipated third album from the Cult Spanish Black Metal band!
    * Flawless production from Khazad-Dûm Studios (Hrizg, Crystal Moors, Briargh, MoonShine).
    * Cult Cover art by Hrizg (Hrizg, Crystal Moors).
    * A Masterpiece / Classic Black Metal album that evokes the spirit of the original masters!
    * Mandatory for fans of Mayhem “De Mysteris”, Inquisition, Mystifier, Tormentor, Beherit, Necromantia, Root, Mortuary Drape.

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