WAXEN "Agios Holokauston" CD

WAXEN "Agios Holokauston" CD
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    Metal vet and scene legend Toby Knapp (Onward, Toby K napp band, GODLESS RISING) returns with his cult solo-project WAXEN and its second album, "Agios Holokauston". WAXEN's first album for MORIBUND, "Agios Holokauston" is dark 'n' dazzling display of Knapp's songwriting acumen and technical mastery. Handling all instruments, complex 'n' coiling black metal is ripped asunder with Knapp's characteristic brand of shred, his six-string sorcery winding 'n' wending through all manner of riff catacombs yet always locating a haunting, poignant place for the listener to dwell. But no matter where WAXEN's diabolical vision goes, Knapp never loses sight of heavy metal songcraft. Behold "Agios Holokauston"!

    * Highly anticipated second album from the US Black Metal legend !!!
    * Solo band of World renowned axe-shredder Toby Knapp (Toby Knapp band, Onward, Godless Rising)!!!
    * Composed, performed, mixed and produced by the guitar genius Toby Knapp himself !
    * Cult cover art & layout by The Old Goat.
    * Brutal Black Metal with excellent melody and superb song writing.
    * Mandatory for fans of Watain, Leviathan, Ancient Wisdom, Marduk, Craft and Deathspell Omega !!!

    Track Listing:
    1. Suicidium 4:20
    2. Procession 11 5:27
    3. Destined For Division 4:13
    4. At War With Reason Itself 6:26
    5. With Hatred Be Destroyed 4:38
    6. Hollow Eyes 6:03
    7. Eight The Adept 4:30