PROFEZIA "Oracolo Suicida" Digi CD

PROFEZIA "Oracolo Suicida" Digi CD
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    Long-running Italian black metallers PROFEZIA make their domestic debut with "Oracolo Suicida". The band's first album for MORIBUND and third overall, "Oracolo Suicida" displays PROFEZIA as masters of high drama and windswept mysticism, evincing the moonlit melancholy so inherent to classic Italian black metal (mainman Kvasir also doubles in MORIBUND cult Abhor) yet here led by eerily beautiful violin. Open your eyes to "Oracolo Suicida" and await your fate!

    * Highly anticipated 3rd album from one of the most cult Italian Metal band!
    * Recorded at Vinum Sabati, Necropalace and Frozen Devil Studios (Abhor).
    * Mastered by Devo Anderson at Endarker Studios (Marduk)!
    * Limited Edition 6-panel digipak!
    * Features members of cult Italian BM acts Abhor, Angantyr, Opera IX, Beatrik, Tenebrae in Perpetuum!
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Abhor, Hrizg, Rotting Christ and Mortuary Drape!

    Track Listing:
    1. Oracolo Suicida
    2. Sacra Tempesta
    3. Senza il Giorno
    4. Futuro Rivelato
    5. Il Gioco del Parassita
    6. Nato Morto

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