VARDAN "Lifeless Shadow" CD

VARDAN "Lifeless Shadow" CD
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    Following multiple acclaimed albums, ep’s and splits, enigmatic Italian Black Metal icon VARDAN unleashes his tenth full length and Moribund debut, "Lifeless Shadow". Grim, cold and depressive Black Metal filled with acoustics, inhuman vocals, contra bass and droning overtones, all wrapped in a shroud of mystery and darkness. Gloomy, mesmerizing passages filled with sorrow, suicide, Satanism and personal emotion are delivered with an atmosphere and conviction not heard since the early days of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. Listen to VARDAN…and be engulfed in the dark shadow of lifelessness... !

    * Highly anticipated tenth VARDAN full-length studio album!
    * New highlight of the Italian Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded at Shining Depth Studio.
    * Cover art by Nekros.
    * Vardan’s 11th studio album scheduled for July 30th release on Moribund!
    * Mandatory for fans of Xasthur, Early Carpathian Forest, Leviathan, Moon and I Shalt Become.

    Track Listing:
    1. Unpurity (10:26)
    2. Spirit Without A Body (12:22)
    3. Self Destruction Feelings (7:13)
    4. Lifeless Shadow (8:00)