NADIWRATH / HEXENMEISTER "Raze The Cosmic Inexistence" Split CD

NADIWRATH / HEXENMEISTER "Raze The Cosmic Inexistence" Split CD
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    Greece's Blackpunk 'n' Roll machine NADIWRATH returns with one new, unreleased 19+ minute masterpiece as a precursor for their second full-length album scheduled for spring 2012. As raw and rocking as ever, NADIWRATH delivers their best recording to date.
    HEXENMEISTER, a new Ukrainian band, unleashes three progressive, Avant-Garde black metal tracks filled with acoustic interludes, infinite wisdom and pagan reflection!

    * Superb production from Sca Studios (Rotting Christ, Dodsferd)!
    * Features members of cult bands Dodsferd, Kampf, Stellar Darkness and Abyssgate!
    * Anticipated new material from Europe’s leading punk-black metal cross-over band!
    * Highly recommended for fans of early Bathory, Nattefrost, Craft, Dodsferd and Carpathian Forest.

    Track Listing:
    1. The Last Days of the Parasitical Results of Humanity
    2. Elegy to the Echoes (Part 1)
    3. Elegy to the Echoes (Part 2)
    4. Elegy to the Echoes (Part 3)