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    After three critically acclaimed full-lengths of epic melancholy for Moribund, NECRONOCLAST dives deeper into the abyss with "Ashes". Once more NECRONOCLAST up-ratchets the aggression and applies more twisted dissonance to his melodic miserabilsm, opening up a mile-wide black hole both psychological and metaphysical, the listener’s remnants literally becoming "Ashes". And with cold, demonic-strength magisterial might, NECRONOCLAST fatally summons the force to spread those "Ashes" to the black wind.

    * Highly anticipated new album from this burgeoning Dark Metal - Black Metal artist.
    * Brilliant cover art by cult artist Gabriel Byrne (Drawn And Quartered, Blood Ritual).
    * Mastered at Nettleingham Audio (Leviathan, Sargeist, Xasthur).
    * Highly recommended for fans of Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Katatonia and Xasthur.

    Pre-Listeneing: Looking Glass

    "This band is (almost) genre-altering." -ABSOLUTE ZERO

    "Dreadful and melancholy, early BURZUM and mid-period KATATONIA dragging the lifeless through the recesses of a mind that defaults to isolation mode" –METAL MANIACS