NADIWRATH "Nihilistic Stench" CD

NADIWRATH "Nihilistic Stench" CD
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    Can you smell the "Nihilistic Stench"? They're the fumes of utter hatred and despair rising up from NADIWRATH's highly anticipated debut album. Featuring the mastermind behind DODSFERD but here with a full band, NADIWRATH's "Nihilistic Stench" drives deep into the heart of old-school Thrash with upbeat Punk tempos, rock-infused-Black Metal arrangements and Thrashing spirit, then soon descends into skin-flaying suicidal depression. The sum effect is one of unhinged violence and absolute misery, all set to a headbanging, perversely catchy beat.

    Pre-Listeneing: Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning

    * Superb production from Sca Studios (Rotting Christ, Dodsferd)!
    * Features members of cult bands Dodsferd, Kampf, Stellar Darkness and Abyssgate!
    * Anticipated debut from Europe’s leading punk-black metal cross-over band!
    * Highly recommended for fans of early Bathory, Nattefrost, Craft, Dodsferd and Carpathian Forest.

    "Quite possibly the most inherently true second-wave black metal act these ears have heard since, oh, the second wave... With nary a blastbeat to be found on the album, Nihilistic Stench doesn't ooze blackness; it shreds it into needle-thin shards, adds a few rusty nails, then packs the whole mess into a dirty bomb of eardrum-shredding proportions" –Zero Tolerance

    "If CELTIC FROST and MOTORHEAD had a bastard child, Nadiwrath might be it" –Halifax Collect blog

    "Looking for some ass-kicking, almost punky black metal with real energy? Then do yourself a favour and look into "Nihilistic Stench" –

    "A bloody mess of a good time... taking the irreverent excess of NATTEFROST's solo material and injecting it with a rocking vibe and beat... definitely one of those albums that you'll reach for when you're in a 'fuck the world' mood" –