VARDAN "Lifeless Shadow" LP Clear w/ Black Splatter Lim. Ed. 200

VARDAN "Lifeless Shadow" LP Clear w/ Black Splatter Lim. Ed. 200
    Code: BRR010LP
    Price: $24.99
    Label: Bestial Rape / Moribund Records
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Black Metal
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    For the first time on vinyl!! VARDAN's 2013 masterpiece "LIFELESS SHADOW"! 4 tracks of pure grim depressive suicidal black metal! All copies come on beautiful clear w/black splatter vinyl w/an insert, Lim. Ed. 200!!! This is a fantastic album that you do NOT want to miss!
    (Description excerpt borrowed from Metal Archives, written by PhilosophicalFrog, June 11th, 2015): "...Vardan really does carve out a niche sound here, and this is the first full album of his that actually has a cohesive atmosphere and delivers an effective and haunting experience. The first song: "Unpurity" is a ten minute monster with distant vocals drenched in reverb, razor sharp guitar riffs with melodic tremolo buried beneath the fuzz and a warm bassline that rumbles beneath the crashing waves of the guitars. The effect is very much like the listener is sinking beneath the water, too tired to continue. "Spirit without a Body" is a massive cavernous mid-paced dirge filled with these mournful melodies that layer upon one another and create a very hypnotic and evocative listen without resorting to any real change.The title track is easily the most memorable, as it's exactly the type of sound he started on the split - weeping guitars are accented by a slow, melodic bass, while Vardan howls in the distance - minor chords are woven into the tapestry of single note leads. The drums change to a 4/4 about halfway through and really add a punch to the samey atmosphere of the last few songs."
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