HUMAN FILTH "Damned With Satan's Might" CD

HUMAN FILTH "Damned With Satan's Might" CD
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    The debut album from the misanthropic, homo-erectus-hating, anti-christ cult of dirty devils unknown to greedy, mindless monkeys in three-piece suits as HUMAN FILTH! Sounding as if they lurk within Satanic frost bitten forests of the northern viking lands, it may be surprising that this corroded crew actually hails from the scorching hot streets of Sacramento, California. These religion rejects condemn mankind for it's unfathomable atrocities against it's own "spirit" and universe with some violent and ear-numbingly cold Black Metal. Invoking the spirits of audible antiquity, four filthy fiends conjure forth six spells reverberating like a lost ghost from the infamous realm of the nineteen nineties and some of it's rulers including Dissection, Dark Funeral, Burzum, Satyricon, Naglfar and many more.
    "Damned With Satan's Might" was a DIY labor of hate which was recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves. But don't let that ruin your expectations, the quality of the recording is hardly "low-fi" and is limited to only about an ounce of echo and reverb. However, there's definitely no shortage of PURE BLACK EVIL! This offering was recorded more like an old-school death metal album, void of annoying triggered/fake drum samples. Everything was recorded live and sounds tragically human and disgustingly filthy. The perfect mix of raw primitive violence and produced precision.
    The opening track, "World Of Mine", introduces the band with a thrashing onslaught and abruptly halts and leads us into a mid-tempo, head-banging gallop as blood curdling, venom spat growls invade the sounds of Satan's army at war with everything. The battle continues with "Deny Christ" which creeps into a slower mid-tempo beat enveloped by a classic "double-picked" Black Metal style melody. Suddenly, after we've become content, the dreary crawl is invaded by lightening-speed blasts, chaos-inducing thrash mayhem and skull crushing "double kicks." The title track, "Damned With Satan's Might" reminds us of Satan's flag raised high above the unsuspecting despicable human race with a barrage of brutal blasts and threatening thrash assaults along with a short droning moment that is usurped by even more flesh shredding anarchy! The fourth Satanic movement, "Suffer The Wrath" slithers through the caverns of hell at a serpent's pace with eerie droning guitars and tortured screams. Near the end the monotony is broken by an epic and melodic guest guitar solo provided by one of the band's comrades. After the solo fades we are acquainted with "Unwanted Existence" which ushers in a whirlwind of thrashing guitar pandemonium like an anthem from Satan's army as the pounding percussion advances from purgatory to end all life on Earth. Speaking of the end, "Frost Bitten Forest" finalizes our journey through the devil's domain and proves the misconception of Hell being a pit that is engulfed in flames. The bitterly cold, dark and grim axe wielding coupled with high pitched shrieking from a damned soul entombed in ice emphasizes that the end of existence is more like a cold, black, depressing and lonely forest.
    "Damned With Satan's Might" is limited to a first pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs housed in a standard sized jewel case and shrink-wrapped. Available at an extremely affordable price that would make even Satan himself smile.