EMBRACE OF THORNS "Scorn Aesthetics" CD w/OBI

EMBRACE OF THORNS "Scorn Aesthetics" CD w/OBI
    Code: Angel042
    Price: $12.99
    Label: Fallen Angels Productions
    Nation: Greece
    Style: Black / Death Metal
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    Highly anticipated fifth album! EMBRACE OF THORNS started it’s nihilistic,blasphemous way towards the grandeur of the final victory in 1998.The raging black/death manifestations are, since then, perpetually expanding and evolving, vomiting fire and curses, continuing the tradition of the incarnated forms of darkness that declared war on the unsuspected feeble zealots almost three decades ago in the temple of black/death vortex. Korean Import Version on Fallen Angels Prod. With 1 Bonus Track and OBI!