RUDRA "Eight Mahavidyas" CD

RUDRA "Eight Mahavidyas" CD
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    Label: Awakening Records
    Nation: Singapore
    Style: Black / Death Metal
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    A MAJESTIC VEDIC METAL CONCEPTUAL EPIC! RUDRA, the name of the Indian deity of Destruction; conjures the scene of death and destruction. Just like the deity, RUDRA, the band, was named so to symbolize the aggressive character of its music. Formed in 1992, Asia's extreme metal legend RUDRA returns with its 10th album "Eight Mahavidyas", another concept album. This time the album explores eight female characters extending from ancient times till the 18th century who broke stereotypes and ended up being outstanding teachers of wisdom. Each song presents the wisdom of each woman through extreme metal textures. The CD cover features the artwork of Viktoria Polikarpova (of Visionis Phosphorescent) and the booklet will feature eight specially created portraits by Ashley Christudason (of Jungle Eye).