DARK SPACE "III I" CD w/ Slipcase

DARK SPACE "III I" CD w/ Slipcase
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    Keeping their well-recognized serial style, a new Darkspace album is now released also in jewelcase with slipcase! For every step forward taken between II and III, Darkspace III I takes another step forward here.The album still feels like a cold descent into a black hole, but there is far more diversity here. By pushing their own boundaries, Darkspace have ensured they don’t lose relevancy in the black metal scene. The unique niche they have carved for themselves is still unquestionably theirs, and all the more important as increasingly diverse artists come to the forefront. In a year overflowing with standout black metal releases, Darkspace III I stands at the top of the pile as one of the most impressive albums of the year and another brilliant chapter in the bands history.