VARDAN "Winter Woods" CD

VARDAN "Winter Woods" CD
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    Label: Moribund
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    VARDAN Stand at the Forefront of the Modern Black Metal – Doom – Atmospheric Scene. Breaking expectations, Bending boundaries, Destroying the Norm… Treading NEW ground for the Entire Black Metal genre… while all the way forging a new Path that is Uniquely Vardan’s !!!
    VARDAN continues his dominance of the underground with “Winter Woods”. Chronologically the 12th album in the one-man band's vast discography, “Winter Woods” is one of VARDAN's most appropriately titled records. Literally sounding like its namesake, “Winter Woods” is a blizzard of chilling misery set in suicidally slow motion: a heaving, humbling mass of brittle-but-overwhelming riff set to catatonic stun, with forever-echoing layers of chorused guitar rising like shadows amongst the whiteout gloom. Songs build to a trance-inducing crescendo, and then die a protractingly slow death...and the walk through “Winter Woods” ends with your demise, at the hands of VARDAN.

    * Official release of Vardan’s rare and highly coveted 12th album “Winter Woods” !
    * Highlight of the Depressive Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded at Shining Depth Studio.
    * Grim winter cover art.
    * VARDAN’s “From The Pale Moonlight” & “Between The Fog And Shadows” new albums set for Summer / Fall 2015 release via Moribund!
    * Mandatory for fans of Early Carpathian Forest, Dark Throne, Inquisition, Dark Space, Manes, Sadness, Happy Days and Moon!

    Track Listing:
    1. Winter Woods - Pt. 1 (5:45)
    2. Winter Woods - Pt. 2 (5:17)
    3. Uroborus Black Circle (6:33)
    4. Cold Night Of My Soul (7:47)
    5. The Cry Of Dying Forests (8:46)

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