PROVOCATOR "Antikristus" Digisleeve CD

PROVOCATOR "Antikristus" Digisleeve CD
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    From the sick & twisted mind of BLEEDING FIST founder Hellscream comes his vilest and arguably most violent project yet: PROVOCATOR and their debut album, Antikristus. Across Antikristus, Hellscream conjures from his black-blood cauldron a hypnotic whirlwind of primitive, primal savagery that positively reeks of the ancient ways of black metal. But while reverent of the most diabolical works of Beherit, VON, and Sarcofago, PROVOCATOR imbue their blackout trance with a potent sense of ritualism and devil worship, a crude 'n' caustic pulse that aims to either possess or erase - or both. The original vanguard of isolationist black metal, MORIBUND once again delivers the one-man goods with PROVOCATOR's Antikristus.
    * Ripping debut solo album from BLEEDING FIST mastermind Hellscream !
    * Limited Edition digi-sleeve packaging !
    * Recorded, mixed and mastered at Metal Master Studio Slovenia.
    * Cult cover art by Sickness 666 (Impiety, Infernal Legion, Bleeding Fist, Tyrants Blood)!
    * Mandatory for fans of Beherit, Von, Sarcofago, Impiety, Ayat, Archgoat and Bleeding Fist!

    Track Listing:
    1. Let Jesus Fuck You (intro) 0:09
    2. Unholy Rape Of The Holy Whore 3:51
    3. 7 Storms of Eternal Damnation 4:47
    4. Conqueror Of Blasphemus Revenge 5:02
    5. Profanation of the Cross 3:50
    6. Kirkebrann 3:35
    7. Black Star of Lucifer 3:52
    8. Antikristus 3:24

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