SATANS HOST "Virgin Sails" CD

SATANS HOST "Virgin Sails" CD
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    2013 Album of the year contender "Virgin Sails" showcases SATAN'S HOST in blazing Satanic fury, delivering a Hellish opus of new standards and Metal classics, taking the band and scene to new heights! With Harry Conklin (Leviathan Thisiren) surpassing all prior vocal performances, riveting Black-Axe master Patrick Evil and the solid back bone of drummer Anthony Evil Hobbit and bassist Margar, SATAN'S HOST unleash another Metal Classic. The ride from the opening track "Cor Malifecus-Heart of Evil", to the Samhain driven "Reanimated Anomalies", through title track and epic closer "Virgin Sails", proves US Heavy Metal Titans and Power Metal legends SATAN'S HOST have earned their deserved place in Heavy Metal History! "Virgin Sails" is a masterpiece of solid Metal that will leave all wanting more SATAN'S HOST metal than ever before!, SATAN'S HOST Power Black Metal only gets Stronger and more enduring through their 25+ year carer!!!

    * 11th studio album from the American Metal / Power / Thrash Legends!
    * Multiple festival headlining spots and appearances through 2014!
    * Featuring original vocalist Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer/Titan Force)!
    * Stunning production courtesy of Flatline Audio (Cattle Decapitation Cephalic Carnage, Demonica)!
    * Exclusive art by Joe Petagno (Motorhead, Marduk).
    * Features scorching guitar work by world renowned master axe-man Patrick Evil.
    * Mandatory for fans of Iron Maiden, Dio, King Diamond, Ghost, Portrait, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest & Jag Panzer.

    Track Listing:
    1. Cor Malifecus – Heart of Evil
    2. Island of the Giant Ants
    3. Dichotomy
    4. Of Beast and Men
    5. Akoman
    6. Reanimated Anomalies
    7. Infinite Impossibilities
    8. Vaporous of the Blood
    9. Taromati
    10. Virgin Sails

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