MOON "The Nine Gates" CD

MOON "The Nine Gates" CD
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    Otherworldly Australian occult Black Metal enigma MOON returns with his vast second album "the Nine Gates". The dark nature of human kind inspired by lunar creatures and conjured by the sounds of raw atmospheric Black Metal. Be not fooled by the moons beauteous bright for the night lays in shroud dark and fierce. Open "the Nine Gates" and begin your haunting journey to the other side...

    * Highly anticipated second album from the mysterious Miasmyr (Catacomb, Urgrund, Forn Valdyrheim).
    * Mastered at Alchemix Studios by Marly Luske (Deep Purple).
    * Grim cover art that will attract all Black Metal fans by Tamar Jade.
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Xasthur, Darkspace and I Shalt Become.

    Track Listing:
    1. The Rejection of Flesh (2:26)
    2. Inhale Darkness (7:48)
    3. Poison From The Abyss (5:41)
    4. Sabbat (4:21)
    5. Astral Blood (4:08)
    6. Lilim Drowning (7:22)
    7. Spiritless Winds (2:29)
    8. Gate of the Moon (9:37)