HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn" CD

HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn" CD
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    Cacophonous and orchestral, dissonant and magisterial, US Black Metal ground-breaker HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS deliver "Thirty-Eight Sermon Of The Unborn", their monumental fifth album. Raging one minute and reposed the next, "38th Sermon" is an audio accompaniment with newly transcribed text from the recently unearthed fragment of the 38th Sermon of the Unborn. This edition is presented in its entirety as linear prose from the first archeological findings. An exploration of the arcane where the erasure of existence embraces individual enlightenment and the Adversary of God. A bold new vision of black metal: Bow your head and Give Praise !!!

    * Monumental fifth album from the US Black Metal ground-breaker!
    * Flawless production from Toadstool Enterprises Studio, Lexington Hills CA.
    * Mastered by Chad Kelly (Excommunicated, Catholicon) at UW Studios in Baton Rouge.
    * Magnificent 16-page booklet!
    * Cover art by Kevin P. Croall (KRAE, WHITE LIE, HoD).
    * Recommended for fans of Emperor, Immortal, Deathspell Omega, Arcturus and Leviathan.

    Track Listing:
    1. Clavicle 1:0
    2. Section 1:1
    3. Section 1:2
    4. Clavicle 2:0
    5. Section 2:1
    6. Clavicle 3:0
    7. Clavicle 4:0
    8. Section 4:1
    9. Clavicle 5:0
    10. Section 5:1
    11. Clavicle 6:0
    12. Section 6:1